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  1. There is a $100 entry fee for each product
  2. Entry form is 2-pages. Only.  Please be concise and precise.  This will be the primary document for the judges.  Do not modify the 2-page submission form or exceed the 250-word limit. Must be a Word document, PDFs will be returned.
  3. Include the company name, product name, inventors/engineers exactly as you would like them to appear on the crystal award, certificates and in articles. A one-time proof of award and certificates will be sent and engraving and printing will be taken from that response.
  4. You may submit supporting documentation (studies, graphics, histologies, other imaging, brochures, marketing materials, etc.), a MAXIMUM of 6 pages of supporting documentation may be included.
  5. Submission deadline is Wednesday, July 31, 2024. No submissions will be accepted after that date.