2016 Winners

Robots, 3D printing and clever strategies for navigating the patient’s anatomy in error free ways, dominated this year’s winning technologies. It’s not about newness, it’s about reducing risk and long, expensive hospital stays. The technologies that make that happen for the rank and file spine surgeon were winners for 2016.

We and our panel of surgeons were impressed that inventors—despite ever growing hurdles to innovation and entrepreneurism in spine—still managed to create a solid group of nearly 40 new products to submit for the 2016 Orthopedics This Week Spine Technology Awards.

Winning categories were:

  1. Biologics and Biomaterials
  2. Cervical Care
  3. Diagnostic and Imaging
  4. Minimally Invasive Spine Care

The Ten Best New Spine Technologies for 2016 in order by Category

Category: Biologics and Biomaterials


Company: Cerapedics, Inc.
Winning Technology: i-FACTOR™ Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft


Company: K2M Group Holdings, Inc.
Winning Technology: CASCADIA™ AN Lordotic-Oblique Interbody System Featuring Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology™

Category: Cervical Care


Company: Vertera Spine
Winning Technology: Porous PEEK COHERE™ Cervical Fusion Device

Category: Diagnostic and Imaging


Company: EOS Imaging
Winning Technology: spineEOS


Company: Mighty Oak Medical
Winning Technology: Navigation-Enabled Cortical Screw


Company: Orthopedic Sciences, Inc.
Winning Technology: The Beacon

Category: Minimally Invasive Spine Care


Company: Life Spine
Winning Technology: LONGBOW®


Company: Mazor Robotics Ltd
Winning Technology: Mazor X


Company: Medtech SA
Winning Technology: ROSA
® Spine


Company: SpineGuard Inc.
Winning Technology: DSG™ Screw